Worm free apple

Worm free apple
Thinking about the future in a different way

Humanity always tried to leave memories of itself through art and architecture. Today it is not like that anymore. Why has Western culture stopped to search for eternity in what it produces? In the first part of the book, “Intuitions”, a very strong hypothesis is carried out on the origin of the destructive “worm” and of the current crisis, which is at the same time existential, environmental and economic. In the second part, “Visions” there are projects that look utopic and visionary but advance an outlook of radical change to be able to re-launch a process of economic development. These are able to give back to people the possibility to live “here and now” and to be projected into the future.

Anna Conti
I have worked as a social economist at the UN & currently working as an architect with urban and architectural projects. I mainly work on development of industrialised architecture. My first architectural exhibition in contemporary art museum L. Pecci, also participated in International Exhibition in Venezia (2000, 2004) and Beijing (2008).

The deep crisis we are going through needs the thought of all of us. In our culture (western culture) there are a lot of wonderful things. Medicine has allowed us to live longer, to save children, to save mothers and to look after the elderly. Our technology can be able to give food, medicine and education to all of us but we seem to be impotent in front of a process that is contrary to our abilities causing the rich to become richer and the poor become poorer. We are destroying our soul, our economy and the one and only planet we have to live. The book that I wrote does not pretend to give all the solutions but gives a different point of view which may be useful to create other useful thinking. We have developed our individualism but we must regain our sense of community.
This is why I’m asking for help to translate the book in English