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The PRET-A-HABITER project was born from the need to offer dynamic and functional living solutions which are economically convenient and provides an alternative to the housing solutions proposed by the current construction sector.  Mass production and economies of scale mean low costs for high-design and high technology.  Meanwhile highly-automated production lines will make the products look individual. 

This project aims to create contemporary, light, self-sufficient, non-invasive architecture that uses clean energy and adapts itself to places: high technology for ecological architecture.  Transforming buildings from “consumers of resources” into “providers of resources”. 

This can only be done if we start a new line of industry development in the last remaining handicraft sector: construction.

Made from recycled and recyclable material (plastic, aluminium, steel, etc.) and renewable sources (wood).

The “shell” (outer surfaces: floor, roof and walls) has a uniform thickness and a structural alveolar weaving.  A network of spaces inside the shell provides a diffused air or water-based heating/cooling system, with low energy consumption.

The main space contains the other parts of the architectural unit that emerge when it is being placed, thanks to a telescopic opening, creating an area of about 75 square meters. The blocking system is automatic.

The size of the housing unit, once compact and packaged for transport, is 3x4x 6m.

The housing unit comes with phytopurification kit, compost kit, and a tree for each expected inhabitant. A recycling system for household waste and for rainwater are also included.  The outer walls are covered with photovoltaic film.

The models, stacked one on top of another, become real buildings, with no need for foundations. For each block, collection service management kits are provided.

After transport, positioning, telescopic opening, utility connection, the housing or service unit will be fully operational.

The construction is based on a plate: the absence of foundations fixed to the ground isolates the houses at their base.  In seismic territory, these characteristics represents a technical revolution, which is considered to be one of the most effective anti-seismic measures.

 PRET-A-HABITER, when closed, is small enough to be transferred by land, by rail or by boat. 

Additionally, all fixtures have already been installed and the homes arranged for the set-up of the kitchen and furniture.  The bathrooms are set-up during the productive phase such that they are immediately ready for use from the moment they are installed. 

   The home, once open, is designed to be assembled in vertical and horizontal formations, in turn becoming a modular unit of multiple complexes for habitation and other habitation purposes.