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The LIMITED COLLECTION project makes use of technology developed by the automobile, naval and aeronautic industries.  The article has been designed for limited distribution and for an elite market, becoming leader of a new prospect for the world industry.  The construction sector will no longer have to function in keeping with the dictates of an handicraft concept that has been inherited from medieval times; rather, it will be guided toward a current technological and industrial system. LIMITED COLLECTION is thus becoming a symbol able to offer a real developmental possibility for the flailing metal-mechanics industry.  High technology for ecology is the third millennium prerogative; for this reason the project utilize, also in  the  building sector, the maximum technology and constructive capacity content available in the industrial field. The LIMITED COLLECTION is aimed at a new exclusive market target, able to appreciate the value of high design and quality joined with high technology and ecological sensibility, and recognizes the privilege of contributing to the course of architectural history by acquiring the uniqueness encompassed in this limited series.